Migrating your Sitefinity 3.7 project

If your project is running on Sitefinity 3.7, you can migrate it to Sitefinity’s latest version.
NOTE: It is recommended to use Sitefinity 3.7 SP4 with .NET 4.0.  If you are using an earlier version of Sitefinity, or you are not on .NET 4.0, please upgrade to Sitefinity 3.7 SP4 with .NET 4.0 following these instructions:  Upgrading to Sitefinity 3.7 SP4

PREREQUISITES: Both your 3.7 and your new project must run on IIS. Your site must not be in multisite mode.  If you have multiple sites setup in Sitefinity, please review this documentation on Multisite Mode.

The migration procedure consists of the following steps:

  1. Create a New Project for the migration using these steps ‘Create a New Project’.  Make sure you follow each nested hyperlink and especially do what is listed in here: Setting up your empty ‘New Project’ by Configuring and starting a project.
  2. Verify both projects the 3.7SP4 and the ‘New Project’ are hosted on IIS with appropriate permission to the root directory of IIS.
  3. Set appropriate permissions for you IIS Application Pool and directory.  A quick search on the blogs may reveal that you need to add Network Service or the user for which the IIS Application Pool is using.  See Advanced Settings of the Application Pool utilized by your Sitefinity site to identify what is the current user list under Identity.
  4. Ok. Let’s setup the Migration Service on the old Sitefinity 3.7SP4 site, so that the ‘New Project’ can transfer data from it.  Set Sitefinity 3.7 for migration.

    Let’s read an explanation of the process first.  Most users will be fine using the Automatic setup method.  If you do not have permission or access to changes because of restrictions from your System Administrator or Web Host company, you may find it easier to follow the Manual setup.  Depending on your system, you setup for migration in one of the following ways:

    • Automatic setup         This procedure is performed in Sitefinity Product Manager. Use the procedure, if the project manager has access to your 3.7 project web.config file.
    • Manual setup         Use this procedure, if your Sitefinity Project Manager does not have access to your 3.7 project web.config file.
  5. Copy any resources stored in the file system from the 3.7 website to your new Sitefinity website.     We recommend that you keep the same folder structure. You must copy the following folders and files, if they exist:
    • Custom components like library assemblies, user controls and related files, etc.
    • Folder /App_Master
    • Folder /App_Themes
    • Images, documents or other files, which the 3.7 website links to
    • External .js files
    • CSS files linked to specific pages, which are not part of any theme, etc.
  6. Now Login to you brand new Sitefinity site using the admin login you created back in step 1 when you followed the instructions for  ‘Create a New Project’  and Configuring and starting a project.
  7. Go to the Sitefinity Dashboard.
  8. On the Sitefinity Dashboard, click Migrate your site from Sitefinity 3.7 to the newest version link.     Sitefinity Migration page appears.
  9. Enter the URL of your Sitefinity 3.7 Standard edition project, select the content you want to migrate, and click Begin Migration.

NOTE: The original URLs of items and pages remain the same. If you want the system to generate new URLs and add the original .aspx URSs as additional URLs for all items and pages, in the main menu, click Administration » Settings » Advanced » MigrationModule and in field OriginalUrlsAreMigratedAsAdditional, enter TRUE.


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